Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All of the personal data and information provided by the client during the process of ordering and signing up will remain confidential within the team of Academic Writing Pro. The clients' requirements, quires, and issues can only be entertained from the "ORDER" page or "CONTACT US" page. The client's data is only used for promotional emails and the notification of their requirement order progress. Other than that, the information is highly confidential and protected by encryption and a highly reliable firewall. The personal information may include the client's name, contact number, and email address to deliver the final draft and the services. Thus, the clients can use the service as an alias, and their identity will remain discreet and anonyms within the system except for their editor.


    Suppose you want to change any information or no longer wish to use our services. You may deactivate your account by emailing the academic writing pro customer support team.
    On the other hand, if your account is active, the online assignment editor keeps sending our promotional advertising via email and uses your details as required to comply with our legal commitments, decided disputes, and execute our contracts.


    When any potential client visits academic writing pro, a small chunk of information is stored in our server via a browser. Professional academic help uses this information to improve your experience. However, after some time, the stored data is deleted, and we get the web analysis about the users who visited the website.


    At academic writing pro, we can change the privacy policy anytime. Stay in touch and read the policy to keep updated with new approaches.


    Academic writing pro provides a service. Without our approval, it may not be used, copied, displayed, sold out, or broadcast for any other purpose. In other words, you have to agree not to copy or spread the document. We have ownership of this academic platform, and no one has the authority to go against it. Online assignment editor provides you with the services via email and communication through chat.


    Professional academic help will keep your personal information private from the third party. It is strictly prohibited in academic writing pro. You are not allowed to talk with the writer regarding payment methods. Only our management team can contact you for any clarification. However, you can contact our customer support for further guidance if there is any urgency.


    As the academic writing pro mentioned above, do not share or trade your personal data to a third party. We utilize the data to facilitate you by keeping the billing or services record. For instance, our team will contact you via chat or email if you have an order in progress.